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My XACARS generates errors since the last web page update
Last Updated 4 years ago

XACARS preferences need to be adjusted after the launch of our new web site. The following content of the XACARS.ini file can be used. Please locate the Resources/plugins/XACARS folder your X-Plane root folder and modify the XACARS.ini file with the content below. Don't forget to adjust your login and acces code:


Address =


FlightInfo =

User =

Password =


POSReportTime = 2

EnableLiveACARS = 1

EnablePIREP = 1

AutoPIREP = 1

You can use the attachement here to use as XACARS preference file. Just modify the login and password/access code and drop it into you XACARS folder under \Resources\plugins\XACARS. Don't forget to restart X-Plane.

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